About this project

They are so many photography blogs, probably impossible to count, and here I am adding one more. This may look like another of those projects of “one picture a day”, accompanied with words, thoughts. etc…

Lately my relationship with photography has changed, sometimes it will be days before I convince myself to use a camera, and then when I take with me, it will come for the ride but actually never comes out of the bag, and even worse it could be month before we get to see each other again.

This project is for me, it’s the way I found to rediscover photography and to rekindle my relationship with my camera. The goal is to always have a camera with me, and to at least take one picture a day, but sometimes I may manage a few more…

I started on the first day of the fast, and later decided on the idea of the blog, so by having something more concrete it will assist me in my mission…

I am not expecting that somebody will read this blog, but if it happens, I warn you… English is not my mother tongue, so there may some mistakes in the texts, for sure some “ed” missing at the end of some words, and of course the use of “on” instead of “in” and vice versa… Just a warning in order to avoid a few heart attacks….


4 Responses to About this project

  1. James True says:

    I love your English and your photographs. What a wonderful undertaking to begin during the Fast.

  2. Natascha says:

    I love the idea of this blog! All the best!

  3. nancy Minden says:

    I am so delighted that you sent this to me. Now it can grace the upcoming days of the Fast. This has been most uplifting. Thank you for the bottom of my heart.

  4. kasuncion says:

    Hi Diane – Really enjoy looking at your photos! Thanks!

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